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HRT: Weeks 5-7

Hi all! Been a little while, hasn’t it?

Wow, I’ve been caught up in all kinds of life events. I moved to my own place, caught up with old friends, working like a mad-woman, and have been performing like crazy lately. I’m not entirely sure how I keep balance of it all but I suppose the occasional cocktail helps. ūüėČ

All that said, I’m here to give you an update on how my hormone replacement therapy is going. Here are the big things I’ve noticed:

  • Breast tissue growth: My chest has been more sore than usual, so I naturally assumed I was about to drop dead on the stop. Ok, kidding. One day, my arm grazed my chest and I could tell something was different. I felt around a bit (mind out of the gutter, you!) and noticed something that wasn’t there – a small “bud” underneath.¬†OMG, they’re actually starting to grow!
  • Continued mood swings: The smallest things seem to get to me, even more so than before. I had my first instance¬†where a small comment almost made me break down into tears. It’s only a matter of time before the inevitable happens and I go into a full-on Peter Parker-style cry-fest.

    A straight-up ugly cry.
  • Facial structure changing: I’m noticing that my face is thinning out a bit & features are getting just a bit softer. I’ll take it.

I’m coming up on two whole months of HRT next week (wow, who’d have guessed I’d have made it this far), and wondering if and when my doctor wants to schedule some follow-up blood work & assess my current dosages. He seems to be harder to get a hold of than the President, so I must be patient.

Until next time!


Discussing The “Passing” Hierarchy…

Hi all.

I’m skipping my weekly HRT report as, to be honest, I haven’t seen a whole lot of new changes (at least anything to get excited about).

Instead, I wanted to link to this discussion on the MTF Sub-Reddit about what Laverne Cox refers to as “the passing hierarchy”. Specifically, the conversation centers on the original poster (a transwoman) and how¬†her ability to go “stealth” is ruining her relationship with her partner (also a transwoman).

Check out the discussion here: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/3l7xby/how_do_you_prevent_the_passing_hierarchy_from/

hormone replacement therapy, transgender

HRT: Week 4

Wow, it’s been a month already?!? Time flies when your emotions are all over the place.


Joking aside, though, the major changes I’ve seen are:

  • Mood Swings: Oh, they are starting. So far, I haven’t gone from zero-to-cryfest yet, but I am definitely feeling less and less in-control of my¬†feelings.
  • Increased Appetite: I am ready to eat anything and everything in sight. Thankfully my low-carb eating habits help keep that somewhat at bay, but I’m finding it harder to stay away from my local Chipotle…or WingStop…or Starbucks…or [insert restaurant here].

As an aside, I’ve noticed that I have seen some more muscle definition in my lower body (thighs specifically), but I think the weeks’ worth of elliptical & stair master time in the gym have helped there.

My doctor is keeping on the same dosage I started out with for now, and I’m to have a follow-up in the next month to look at my hormone levels & check for any irregularities & if then is a good time to start raising my dosages.



My experience with permanent hair removal (so far)

One of the realities of hormone replacement therapy is that, try as they might, estrogen will not completely curb facial hair growth. So, I’m left with figuring out if I want to continue shaving for the rest of my life (that would be a “no”), or opting for permanent hair removal.

After weighing the pros & cons, I’ve opted for BOTH laser hair removal and electrolysis. Ok, you’re probably asking “Wait, what? Why not just one?”

  • Laser hair removal is great for eliminating dark hair. but¬†it does nothing for gray hair (of which I have quite a bit of).
  • Laser hair removal is much cheaper than electrolysis, and faster.

My strategy goes something like this: get the dark hair with laser hair removal, then go back and eliminate the grey hair with electrolysis.

Now, while I did say that laser hair removal is cheaper, it is not cheap. A package of 8 sessions (set 4 weeks apart for maximum effectiveness), with 2 “maintenance” sessions, set me back a cool $1500. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

Each session is gradually less painful and faster than the previous session. That said, there is still some discomfort. I mean, you’re still being zapped by a laser…to the face.

The great thing is that, between the hormones and laser hair removal, I am noticing a big difference in my facial hair. It comes in softer, and there are patches where it grows in even less (if at all). With each session, I’ll notice the patchiness continue until my dark facial hair stops growing altogether.

Once I start seeing more results, I’ll see about costs for electrolysis. For now, though, I’m putting my faith in laser hair removal to help with my transition…however gradual and costly.

hormone replacement therapy, transgender

HRT: Week 3

Hi friends!

It’s taken me quite a bit of thinking to come up with what to write for this week’s HRT report…mostly because, from week to week, things change gradually. It’s only after a few weeks that you see the culmination of weeks’ worth of changes & growth. That said, here are the things I’ve noticed over the past week:

  • Facial Hair Growth*: I’ve seen that my facial hair is starting to grow in less and less. When it does, it feels thinner. It’s really nice not looking like I just walked out of the wilderness, 2 days after shaving.

    Increased Emotional Sensitivity: I’ve picked up on my emotions being more attuned than usual (even in comparison to my last report). I’ve always considered myself an empathetic person, and the estrogen seems to be increasing that. Reading news stories will definitely affect my mood. Perusing through stories about trans discrimination put me in a fairly blue mood, and it took a visit to the gym to feel even halfway better.

Also worthy of note this week is that I’m down to a week’s worth of medication. I’m not sure if my general practitioner will have me do blood work soon, or if he’ll keep me on the same dosages of Spiro & Estradiol. Stay tuned!

* Disclamer: I’ve also started laser hair removal on my face, so my facial hair is also growing out unevenly.¬†