hormone replacement therapy, transgender

HRT: Week 3

Hi friends!

It’s taken me quite a bit of thinking to come up with what to write for this week’s HRT report…mostly because, from week to week, things change gradually. It’s only after a few weeks that you see the culmination of weeks’ worth of changes & growth. That said, here are the things I’ve noticed over the past week:

  • Facial Hair Growth*: I’ve seen that my facial hair is starting to grow in less and less. When it does, it feels thinner. It’s really nice not looking like I just walked out of the wilderness, 2 days after shaving.

    Increased Emotional Sensitivity: I’ve picked up on my emotions being more attuned than usual (even in comparison to my last report). I’ve always considered myself an empathetic person, and the estrogen seems to be increasing that. Reading news stories will definitely affect my mood. Perusing through stories about trans discrimination put me in a fairly blue mood, and it took a visit to the gym to feel even halfway better.

Also worthy of note this week is that I’m down to a week’s worth of medication. I’m not sure if my general practitioner will have me do blood work soon, or if he’ll keep me on the same dosages of Spiro & Estradiol. Stay tuned!

* Disclamer: I’ve also started laser hair removal on my face, so my facial hair is also growing out unevenly. 

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