HRT: Week…7? 8?

Hi friends!

With life being as busy as it’s been lately, the weeks are starting to blur into each other. So, I’ve lost temporary count of how many weeks I’ve been on hormones. 7 weeks? 8? Eh, I’ll figure it out. 

As far as updates go, there’s not much to report physically. However, I had an emotional victory. I told two more people about my transition: a friend and ex-colleague I still keep in touch with, and (more notably) a cousin I’ve reconnected with. 

Yes, I finally told a member of my family. 

Her reaction was, to paraphrase her, shock but not surprise. She admitted it would take time to adjust but is absolutely supportive; so much so that she’s offered to help break the news to her family once I tell my immediate family (as her father and mine are close). 

I’ve truly been fortunate that the few people I’ve told have been supportive. While I can’t keep 100% odds, it’s good to know I have at least one blood relative that will stand by me. 🙂

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