HRT: Weeks 9-10

2-and-a-half months? Yowza! It feels like life has been so breakneck-busy, I’ve barely had time to stop & reflect on my experiences the past two weeks. 

Lately, there hasn’t been anything new outside of things like a stabilized overall mood, some continued breast growth (sleeping face-down is quickly becoming uncomfortable) and thinning body hair. I HAVE been told, though, that I’m beginning to “show” in boy mode and I ought to consider accelerating my plan to go full time – especially at the office. I’m still a little hesitant, so I’m playing things by ear. 

All this said, these past two weeks have been worth mentioning because of the emotional victories. I’ve gotten more confident in telling friends about my transition, and more friends know now. The days where I’m living a double-life are starting to come to a close, which is a huge relief for me. Best of all, everyone I’ve told has been supportive. I’m incredibly thankful for this and every one of my friends. Even if everyone else I know turns their back on me, I have my support structure in place…and that means I’ll ultimately be o.k.

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