HRT: Week 14

Hi all!

Another Tuesday is upon us, so here I am with my weekly hormone replacement therapy update.

The one thing I really have noticed this week is:

  • Reduced body hair growth: I’ve been having waxing done for months now, in various places. I’m noticing that, especially on my arms, the hair is growing back much more slowly.

Aside from physical changes, I can report that I finally had my first follow-up with my general practitioner late last week. After some discussion over my initial progress, he’s decided to double my Spironolactone dosage, to 200mg / day. Depending on the results of my blood work (I just got back from the clinic & am still wearing the bandage),  he may opt to double my Estradiol dosage as well.

It’s like I powered up!

Between this and yesterday’s big announcement, I’m taken aback at how far I’ve come. Then again, as my lovely friend Thea said, “after you do the things that you are afraid of you wonder why you were so afraid of them.”

Until next time, friends, be good to each other!

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Coming Out At Work: A New Feature

Hi friends.

I have taken a big step today towards living full-time as my authentic self: I told my boss about my transition.

The conversation was a quick one, and it went smoothly. I’m not sure what the next steps are (to be honest, I don’t think he or the company know either) but I’m glad to get such a huge weight off my shoulders.

To that, I’ll be documenting this part of my journey in a new feature on my blog called “Coming Out At Work“. I’ll be writing about my thoughts & experiences as I begin to transition in the workplace. If nothing else, it will give people a barometer on how they can navigate their transition as well.

Stay tuned…


This Is Me…At My Most Vulnerable

Things are about to get real, y’all.

Very recently, I was interviewed with my fellow sisters of the Game of Hearts drag show, for an A&E feature in the Palo Alto Weekly  For the record, I am very happy with how my story was told in print. A lot of transwomen have their lives sensationalized in the media, for whatever reason. My story, however, was told with both care and respect…something I couldn’t be happier about.

However, as part of the feature, there was a video segment recorded for their website. In it, I’m shown prominently at the start – most notably, without my hairpiece and very recognizable as my male self.

Rather than toss my cookies and get upset over spilled milk, I’ve chosen to take the video footage and unintentional “outing” in stride. Why? Well, at some point, people are going to know anyway, right? Besides, I am not one to live in the shadows nor live as a victim of circumstance.

Let the people talk, as they say. I am me, for better or for worse.


Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2015 – STOP. KILLING. US.


Hi friends.

I had originally intended to make this post far more eloquent than it will ultimately be. However, as I sit here and try to process what Transgender Day of Remember means to me, I keep coming back the same gut feeling: anger.

I feel anger that my transgender brothers and sisters are being robbed of their lives for no good reason. I feel anger that society still widely views aggression & violence as an acceptable response for having its ideas about gender and sexuality called into question. It angers me that transgender people (yes, we are people) are still largely seen as second-class citizens, and our lives and contributions are somehow lessened by who we are.

You should be angry too. Why? If you know someone who is transgender, well, guess what? You now have a personal stake in this. You now have a loved one, a cherished friend, a trusted colleague who is in danger of
being hurt (or worse) by what amounts to intolerance & ignorance. You owe it to them, and those whose lives we are remembering today, to stop this savagery. You may know someone who is transgender but isn’t publicly out yet. You owe it to them too.

Regardless of the context, it needs to end, and it needs to end now. In other words…



Call Her Out, But Call Her Cait: Caitlyn Jenner and Why I’m Never Here for Transphobia

In lieu of my weekly HRT update, I encourage all my readers to read through this. It encapsulates my thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner almost perfectly.


Caitlyn Jenner accepting Arthur Ashe Award. Source: ESPN Caitlyn Jenner accepting Arthur Ashe Award. Source: ESPN

I detest Caitlyn Jenner. The list of reasons starts with her association with the Kardashians whom I find deplorable. I detest that she believes the hardest part of being a woman is deciding what to wear. I detested the pretentious speech she gave when she accepted the Arthur Ashe Award. I detest how she only passingly mentioned how black trans women are being murdered at alarming rates during her special with Diane Sawyer. I detest Caitlyn Jenner.

I detest the media’s infatuation and pedestaling of Caitlyn Jenner. I detest that Caitlyn Jenner’s transition has been chronicled with the dignity and tenderness that poor trans women are never granted. I hate the way she’s been made the face of transgender women when her experience coming into her womanhood has been anything but typical. I hate that she’s been all over magazines exalted…

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HRT: Week 12

It’s been three months since I started. No, really! I think this little guy’s reaction says it all.

Yep. Me too, my little furry friend. Me, too.

Rather that report on whatever changes I’ve seen since last week (because there haven’t been that many, to be honest), I want to send out a profound and heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who’s supported me thus far. This includes you, dear reader.

I’d also like to share a graph that seems to make the rounds on Reddit, showing the average rate of specific changes in transgender women who undergo HRT:

Of course my mileage will vary, but it’s fascinating and a little exciting to see when I can start to look for specific things to happen. It’s even more interesting to see how my changes differ from this chart. A few of the effects have already started with me, others have yet to begin.

Until next time, friends!


HRT: Week 11

Hi friends!

Well, here we are. 11 weeks from when I started this little journey of mine. It’s been a bumpy road, sure, but a worthwhile experience slowly becoming my authentic self. For this week, there is one change I’m noticing. For once, it’s a change I could do without:

  • Decreased metabolism: For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been trying to get myself down to a healthy body weight for a woman of my age & height. At some point during my hormone therapy, my metabolism decided to go on vacation. So, most attempts to lose weight have fallen flat. On top of that, my appetite strikes at random which doesn’t help. Some days, it’s fine. On other days, well, I feel like this:

    I don’t think he’s gonna stop!

For the record, I actually used to be VERY heavy. We’re talking 275 lbs. at my heaviest. So, to go from that to my current weight and not be able to get to those last 15-20 lbs is maddening.

Other than that, all is well! My facial hair keeps slowing down and decreasing in growth, breast development is slowly coming along, and I’m feeling more even-keeled with each day (save for the occasional mood swing):

On a bad day…

That’s about it for now. Until next time, friends!