Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2015 – STOP. KILLING. US.


Hi friends.

I had originally intended to make this post far more eloquent than it will ultimately be. However, as I sit here and try to process what Transgender Day of Remember means to me, I keep coming back the same gut feeling: anger.

I feel anger that my transgender brothers and sisters are being robbed of their lives for no good reason. I feel anger that society still widely views aggression & violence as an acceptable response for having its ideas about gender and sexuality called into question. It angers me that transgender people (yes, we are people) are still largely seen as second-class citizens, and our lives and contributions are somehow lessened by who we are.

You should be angry too. Why? If you know someone who is transgender, well, guess what? You now have a personal stake in this. You now have a loved one, a cherished friend, a trusted colleague who is in danger of
being hurt (or worse) by what amounts to intolerance & ignorance. You owe it to them, and those whose lives we are remembering today, to stop this savagery. You may know someone who is transgender but isn’t publicly out yet. You owe it to them too.

Regardless of the context, it needs to end, and it needs to end now. In other words…


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