This Is Me…At My Most Vulnerable

Things are about to get real, y’all.

Very recently, I was interviewed with my fellow sisters of the Game of Hearts drag show, for an A&E feature in the Palo Alto Weekly  For the record, I am very happy with how my story was told in print. A lot of transwomen have their lives sensationalized in the media, for whatever reason. My story, however, was told with both care and respect…something I couldn’t be happier about.

However, as part of the feature, there was a video segment recorded for their website. In it, I’m shown prominently at the start – most notably, without my hairpiece and very recognizable as my male self.

Rather than toss my cookies and get upset over spilled milk, I’ve chosen to take the video footage and unintentional “outing” in stride. Why? Well, at some point, people are going to know anyway, right? Besides, I am not one to live in the shadows nor live as a victim of circumstance.

Let the people talk, as they say. I am me, for better or for worse.

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