HRT: Week 14

Hi all!

Another Tuesday is upon us, so here I am with my weekly hormone replacement therapy update.

The one thing I really have noticed this week is:

  • Reduced body hair growth: I’ve been having waxing done for months now, in various places. I’m noticing that, especially on my arms, the hair is growing back much more slowly.

Aside from physical changes, I can report that I finally had my first follow-up with my general practitioner late last week. After some discussion over my initial progress, he’s decided to double my Spironolactone dosage, to 200mg / day. Depending on the results of my blood work (I just got back from the clinic & am still wearing the bandage),  he may opt to double my Estradiol dosage as well.

It’s like I powered up!

Between this and yesterday’s big announcement, I’m taken aback at how far I’ve come. Then again, as my lovely friend Thea said, “after you do the things that you are afraid of you wonder why you were so afraid of them.”

Until next time, friends, be good to each other!

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