HRT: Week 16

4 months. Wow. You’d think things would get boring at this point but my journey keeps on getting more eventful.

For starters, the one thing I’ve noticed physically is…well, curves! I’m very much starting to see a little more curviness to my figure. I had a pretty big moment this week, in that I went out without any shape wear – specifically, hip / butt pads & falsies. Aside from my waist cincher (I mean, c’mon, let’s be reasonable here), it’s about as close to “au-naturale” as I’ve ever been out in public.

So out I went in my leggings, cute San Jose Sharks teal top (go Sharks!) and black sweater. Venturing out into the world, I was of course expecting odd & confused looks, maybe a comment here and there, like the Gender Police were hiding behind every corner waiting to apprehend me. I heard…nothing. Not a peep. Not a stare. I went about my evening without any incident at all. It was a relief & a confidence builder, in the truest sense of each.

I came home all smiles. I’d post a photo of my look from that night, but my bedroom floor looks like someone planted a bomb in my laundry. 😉

Another exciting post coming later today. Until then, be happy & safe my friends!

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