HRT: Week 19

Hi friends!

Well, well. My first post of the new year. First off, a lovely and bountiful 2016 to you! Now, let’s get to the matter at hand: my weekly HRT update.

This week, I noticed that some of the changes I’ve talked about before (primarily, facial feminization & fat redistribution) started becoming much more apparent. With tweezed eyebrows and a more-everyday makeup, I can see now that my face is very much softening. I’ve been told that, to the average passerby, I wouldn’t be clocked for a trans-woman 9/10 times. I’ve also seen that my boy clothes (I’m presenting at work as a boy for another couple of months or so) are definitely starting to fit differently. Most notably, my jeans are getting a big more snug around my hips and my waists on my shirts are sitting higher than they normally would.

I learned something interesting about my appearance, as I was talking to a colleague of mine at work. I had pointed out that I normally tend not to notice the changes happening to my face day-to-day, as I see my face all the time. I then got to thinking about how my boyfriend had someone who doesn’t know me wouldn’t think I’m anything other than a woman. My mind put one and one together and it hit me. My mind was automatically equating seeing my own features and their visibility as synonymous with still having a boyish appearance. That isn’t necessarily the case at all. I shouldn’t feel self-conscious about the fact that I still see me in the mirror. If anything, I should be happy that it’s now Alexia staring back at me.

Until next time, friends, stay strong & drink good whiskey.


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