7 1/2 Weeks From Now…

Today was an eventful day, friends. 

After a surprise visit to my doctor to have him fill out a NC-210 form, I had all the documents I needed to file for my official name and gender change with the state of California. 

After a quick once-over from my boyfriend, we entered the courthouse and made our way to the probate office. Of course, it being around lunchtime, there was a line. I was more than happy to wait a few minutes. Then, the clerk caught a glance at me and asked if I was filing for a name change (I think he assumed I was changing my last name…when I’m really changing everything but). 

Once it was my turn to approach the window, I sat down with a quiet anticipation. He was very expedient in processing my request. He entered a few things on his computer, took my $435 filing fee, and went off into the back for a few minutes. He returned with copies of everything and proceeded to use multiple stamps to certify everything, with an almost assembly-line like efficiency. Once he was done, he informed me that my “court date” wasn’t really that – it was a non-appearance date. So, I would just need to return to the probate office on March 8th to pick up my certified paperwork signed by the judge. 

March 8th. 7 1/2 weeks from now. I can’t believe it’s just down to a matter of weeks. I am besides myself. 

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