Some Days, It All Feels Like Too Much

In lieu of an HRT update this week, I’m opening up my heart a bit.

There are days when I feel like, for lack of a better phrase, the bastards are grinding me down. The overwhelming amount of willful ignorance & hatred directed at transgender people…the anxiety of being harassed or possibly even be the target of violence…it all feels like too much at times.

When I do feel this way, the closing words from this piece from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on transgender issues bring me some peace and comfort. I’ve posted this before but it’s too poignant not to re-share.

“This is a civil rights issue, and if you’re not willing to support transgender people for their sake, at least do it for your own…because we’ve been through this before. We know how this thing ends. If you take the anti-civil rights side, and deny people access to something they are entitled to, history is not going to be kind to you.”

Knowing there’s people in the media that can speak so eloquently and succinctly to the issue reminds me that we have allies out there, and we will eventually win this struggle with their help.

Friends, I never ask for a whole lot from you, but I please ask that you repost this story. It would mean the world to me & would make me feel a little better today.

Thanks, my lovelies.

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