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Just One More.

Lately, I’ve felt like it’s gotten a lot easier to tell people about my transition. Friends from my hometown, acquaintances…the emotion that came bubbling up to the surface has settled a bit when I share my story. For the most part, I’ve told everyone in my life that I felt needed to know, except for one person.

That person? My father.

I intentionally left him last, among my loves ones, to share my news with, for obvious reasons. Who knows how he’ll react? Never mind whether he accepts it or not, I’m more concerned about his physical health. He doesn’t take big news well. An uncle passed away unexpected last year, and the shock sent my dear old dad to the ER until his blood pressure came down. Worst case scenario, if he decides to disown me entirely but the news doesn’t send him to the hospital, I consider that a win.

However, I’m hoping he sees something. Not just that I’m taking the steps to become the gender I was supposed to be born as. Not that I’m still his kid. I sincerely wish he’ll see how much more at peace I am. If he can just see and understand that life makes way more sense to me now, and could talk to my friends & loved ones to hear the stories about how much happier I am, that’s all I can hope for.

The rest…is up to him.

3 thoughts on “Just One More.

  1. I also have one key person left to tell–my sister. I’ve been afraid of this because I fear, expect even, rejection. But this isn’t the same as your situation. I think it would be harder with a parent. I’m so thankful that my parents have been very supportive. I hope that you will find that your father accepts and loves you as you are and affirms you. But in the end you are not responsible for his choices or his response, nor for the effect it may have on him. It doesn’t make your burden particularly lighter, but maybe it helps a little as you prepare to share with him. It has helped me as I prepare to share with my sister.


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