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A Song Dedication For Bathroom Rights

Anytime I read an article about some inane bill in local or state legislature to deny transgender people the right to use the restrooms of their authentic gender, it makes me eyes roll. Such is the case as the news out of South Dakota today, where HB 1008 was passed by both their state senate and state house.

I’d love to ask these people “Wait, have you actually met a trans-person? My only concern in any restroom is to do my business and leave as soon as I can, because public restrooms are gross. Never mind the fact that the ‘predator’ argument that’s so often used can just as easily be applied to same-sex predators, the likes of which is equally unlikely to ever happen. Why not just come out and say ‘we want to exclude all heteronormative people from public restrooms’ and be done with it?”

At any rate, this debate always reminds me of the 80’s funk classic “Meeting In The Ladies Room” by Klymaxx. It’s the way my wacky DJ mind works.

This one’s for you, ladies.

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