VIDEO: Transgender Pride Flag Raised Over San Jose City Hall For First Time

I was fortunate enough to attend this ceremony, in front of the County of Santa Clara government building in San Jose. The transgender flag was raised for the first time, anywhere in the nation. The local Board of Supervisors also awarded a commendation to a local activist. Watch the video and witness a small bit of transgender history taking place.

Watch the video here:

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A Tale of Two Airports: My First TSA Experience

As I type this, I am sitting at an airport gate at John Wayne Airport (SNA), awaiting my flight to Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC).  I traveled this weekend to visit two of my besties in Southern California, as well as to watch the legendary Manchester band New Order perform in LA. For most other people, their main concerns would be where to stay, where to eat, how to deal with the insufferable LA traffic, etc. I had a different set of worries, however. This was my first airport experience as a transgender woman. With only a certified court order, old DMV ID card and a temporary DMV printout with my new photo to show I am who I say I am, I was nervous.

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Coming Out At Work: The Big Day (Part 1)

Today’s the day.

In just over 60 minutes, I’m gathering my colleagues at work to share my news about my time off to complete my legal transition. I’ll be surrounded by my team members, a few other colleagues I work with, and a group of senior leadership to show their support.

To make this interesting, I’ll be writing two posts today: the one you’re reading now and a recap after the deed is done. Let’s be honest, my site could use the traffic. 😉

Here we go.

Knowing that my laptop’s been turned in already (to change my user account settings) and that my meeting is at 11AM, I took the time to sleep in. I know, the struggle is very real. As I was sipping on my morning coffee, I get a call from my HR manager. She’s anxious for me and called to check in, go over some last-minute details & reassure that everything would be ok. I feel like I’ve made a real friend in her. It took some effort to pull my voice back from cracking.

It’s finally sinking in that this is for real. This is one of the final steps. In just a little while, my boy clothes are officially redundant. I can begin the process of packing it all up to give to family and/or Goodwill. (Sidenote: sorry, friends. My brother’s getting my soccer jerseys.) I’m not sure if I’ll spend the day packing those things, go get a celebratory cocktail with friends nearby, or simply go about my day. I may go to the local courthouse to see if my legal name & gender change went uncontested in person, and have lunch downtown.

In any case, I’m off to the office. Wish me luck.