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International Alexia Day

After a restless, anxious night of sleep, I woke up on a Tuesday morning to the day I had been longing for. Soon, I would enter a local courthouse, walk up to a window and leave the room, officially and legally recognized as a woman named Alexia.

At around 6AM, I gain consciousness and do the first thing anyone does nowadays: I reached for my phone and check Facebook. I come to find out the day is International Women’s Day. “There is no way”, I thought. Already wearing a smile from this happy coincidence, I get up to put my makeup on (desperately needing coffee, mind you). I opted for a natural look, with minimal adornment outside of my foundation. As I manage to get my coffee maker going, I hear a knock at the door. My boyfriend arrived, right on time, with a bouquet of roses and two balloons (and also in desperate need of coffee). One read “Congratulations” and the other read “It’s A Girl”. I wish I could’ve been there to see the reaction of the florist, but I digress…

After we finish our fresh pot of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (it really is THAT good), we start out for the downtown area. The jitters begin to set in. I wonder, “What if someone contested it? Do I need to go in front of a judge?” I do my best to put my fears aside and put on a brave face. As we pull up to a parking spot, I see a familiar car, then a familiar face yell “Alexia! Heeeeeey!” It’s my HR manager from work and, now, friend. I introduce her to my boyfriend and we all make our way to the courtyard outside of the courthouse, anticipating the rest of my friends to arrive shortly.

One by one, my friends arrive and greet me with a warm hug. They could sense my anxiousness and glee, and assured me mimosas and breakfast would follow. We walk into the courthouse and head to the probate office. A few people are in line ahead of us but it’s no more than a 10 minute wait. This may turn out a bit anti-climactic, I thought. The “big moment” was really me walking up to a window, siting down in a chair, giving my case number, and being asked “ok, how many certified copies would you like?” I put the documents in my folder and got up. I turned to my loved ones and they cheered loudly for me. One of the clerks commented, “Oh wow, you’ve got yourself a cheering section.”

Me at the courthouse
The lucky lady.

It’s a moment I’ll always remember. Thanks to my ladies and my fantastic  boyfriend for being there (and for the mimosas afterward).


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