About Alexia

Hi, I’m Alexia. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

My story has been an interesting one. My blog was started to document the journey I’ve taken as I’ve undergone hormone replacement therapy and transitioning as a whole, in hopes that others considering transitioning would find it useful.

It’s become a lot more than that, to me. Looking back, I’ve seen a narrative form through my writings, one that defies the traditional one often pushed by mainstream media. My journey has been, by all accounts, relatively smooth. Of course I had the typical fears in doing things like coming out to my family, colleagues & friends. However, I was never cast out as a freak or a mental defective. I wasn’t shunned by society, fired or disowned. Truth be told, I’ve been really lucky. I have a loving family, amazing friends, a supportive, caring boyfriend (who gets that I’m a total dork).

I don’t quite know what to chalk it up to. Maybe it’s the fact that I do indeed “pass” and it’s easier for people to digest transgender people that adhere to the gender binary. Perhaps I just got lucky in having a surprisingly tolerant and caring support system. One might even say it’s the region I call home that has helped my experience be free of the harassment & hatred so often experienced by other transgender people.

All in all, I hope people see one thing: that this blog helps them realize that, for those who take this drastic a step for their own mental well-being and happiness (one a lot of people can’t begin to fathom), life can and does get better. One just needs to be bold & brave enough to take the journey.

With love,

Odds & Ends

  • I’m Latina and my late 30s.
  • I’m software engineer in the Bay Area.
  • My passions include music, traveling, a good single malt scotch & Game of Thrones.
  • I’ve been DJing in nightclubs for the better part of a decade.
  • My HRT start date was August 11th, 2015.

One thought on “About Alexia

  1. Hi Alexia!

    I stumbled upon your blog and I read your post regarding estradiol patches versus estradiol pills. I know people will have different results and YMMV but if I do decide to make the switch with my doctor it would be an informed decision. I’m 28 years old and I recently started HRT this year on June so my journey is barely starting!

    I started on one 0.1 patch and increased it to 2 patches two months into my HRT. The reason being my estrogen levels were in the 80s. I started with 100 mg Spironolactone but asked my Endocrinologist to include 5 mg of Finasteride 2 months in because I read it would help with hair growth. My Spironolactone dosage was kept at 100 mg because my testosterone levels miraculously reduced to 12 most likely because I’m Asian.

    I will be getting blood work done at the end of this month and hopefully my estrogen levels increased to the 100-150 range. I was really surprised that you still had problems with your mood following your increase to the maximum dosage of patches. Before the increase to 2 patches the only symptoms I experienced was hot flashes and I woke up from dreams that made me cry but all in all my moods were pretty stable; although I was less prone to anger than before starting HRT. With the increase in my patch dosage and Finasteride being included I’ve noticed I don’t get hot flashes unless I’ve been doing strenuous work and my facial and body hair growth has significantly reduced. Anyways to get to the point did you increase your patch dosage multiple times because your estrogen levels weren’t in range or they were but you had those mood issues? Were you also on Finasteride? Do you have any information on the effectiveness of taking a micronized Progesterone versus biochemically identical progestogen in terms of breast growth. And what exactly are the benefits to a low carb diet for transwomen as suggested by your new doctor is it for decreasing muscle? Finally at least once a week I’ve noticed my nipples being itchy and while other days it’s just slightly sore to the touch. Should I be concerned because I really want breasts! This is the main reason why I want to know if the pills might be better overall for breast growth and whether the efficacy of the pill is truly better than the patch because from what I’ve read so far the patch and intradermal injections released estrogen at a steadier rate than the pill.

    Finally one more question! I started my patches on my stomach but I changed it to my buttocks do to them getting creased. Where did you place yours?

    Thank you!


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