7 1/2 Weeks From Now…

Today was an eventful day, friends. 

After a surprise visit to my doctor to have him fill out a NC-210 form, I had all the documents I needed to file for my official name and gender change with the state of California. 

After a quick once-over from my boyfriend, we entered the courthouse and made our way to the probate office. Of course, it being around lunchtime, there was a line. I was more than happy to wait a few minutes. Then, the clerk caught a glance at me and asked if I was filing for a name change (I think he assumed I was changing my last name…when I’m really changing everything but). 

Once it was my turn to approach the window, I sat down with a quiet anticipation. He was very expedient in processing my request. He entered a few things on his computer, took my $435 filing fee, and went off into the back for a few minutes. He returned with copies of everything and proceeded to use multiple stamps to certify everything, with an almost assembly-line like efficiency. Once he was done, he informed me that my “court date” wasn’t really that – it was a non-appearance date. So, I would just need to return to the probate office on March 8th to pick up my certified paperwork signed by the judge. 

March 8th. 7 1/2 weeks from now. I can’t believe it’s just down to a matter of weeks. I am besides myself. 


HRT: Week 19

Hi friends!

Well, well. My first post of the new year. First off, a lovely and bountiful 2016 to you! Now, let’s get to the matter at hand: my weekly HRT update.

This week, I noticed that some of the changes I’ve talked about before (primarily, facial feminization & fat redistribution) started becoming much more apparent. With tweezed eyebrows and a more-everyday makeup, I can see now that my face is very much softening. I’ve been told that, to the average passerby, I wouldn’t be clocked for a trans-woman 9/10 times. I’ve also seen that my boy clothes (I’m presenting at work as a boy for another couple of months or so) are definitely starting to fit differently. Most notably, my jeans are getting a big more snug around my hips and my waists on my shirts are sitting higher than they normally would.

I learned something interesting about my appearance, as I was talking to a colleague of mine at work. I had pointed out that I normally tend not to notice the changes happening to my face day-to-day, as I see my face all the time. I then got to thinking about how my boyfriend had someone who doesn’t know me wouldn’t think I’m anything other than a woman. My mind put one and one together and it hit me. My mind was automatically equating seeing my own features and their visibility as synonymous with still having a boyish appearance. That isn’t necessarily the case at all. I shouldn’t feel self-conscious about the fact that I still see me in the mirror. If anything, I should be happy that it’s now Alexia staring back at me.

Until next time, friends, stay strong & drink good whiskey.



HRT: Weeks 17 & 18

My my, aren’t the holidays just flying by? 

Well, here we are, trying to wrap up our last-minute holiday shopping and survive those last few days of work before breaking for the holiday. BUT, before you go, here is my HRT update for the week (and last week’s, since the changes are fewer but more noticeable).

Fat redistribution: well, that’s a bit of a misnomer. What’s actually happening is this: my body is now using places like my hips & butt to store fat instead of my stomach. I picked up on this as I’ve been eating like an unattended kid at a birthday party lately. Even though I’m a pound or so heavier than normal, my stomach and face aren’t showing it. It’s all going to my hips – hence why I’m in love with leggings right now. 

I’ve also grown more confident in my talking to friends about my transition.  It seems like it’s becoming easier to talk to people about it, and I’ve been telling more people in my life about it. I’m getting to the point where most of my friends know. It’s all coming down to family hearing the news soon…

Until next time, friends, Happy Holidays!


HRT: Week 16

4 months. Wow. You’d think things would get boring at this point but my journey keeps on getting more eventful.

For starters, the one thing I’ve noticed physically is…well, curves! I’m very much starting to see a little more curviness to my figure. I had a pretty big moment this week, in that I went out without any shape wear – specifically, hip / butt pads & falsies. Aside from my waist cincher (I mean, c’mon, let’s be reasonable here), it’s about as close to “au-naturale” as I’ve ever been out in public.

So out I went in my leggings, cute San Jose Sharks teal top (go Sharks!) and black sweater. Venturing out into the world, I was of course expecting odd & confused looks, maybe a comment here and there, like the Gender Police were hiding behind every corner waiting to apprehend me. I heard…nothing. Not a peep. Not a stare. I went about my evening without any incident at all. It was a relief & a confidence builder, in the truest sense of each.

I came home all smiles. I’d post a photo of my look from that night, but my bedroom floor looks like someone planted a bomb in my laundry. 😉

Another exciting post coming later today. Until then, be happy & safe my friends!