One more reason I shamelessly love Jack In The Box

Hi friends.

Oftentimes, it’s the little things in life that make us perk up and smile. For me, one of those moments came over the past weekend.

I had left the bar from another fun night out with friends, after a few cocktails. As most people tend to do in that state, I got an urge. To borrow from the famous Saturday Night Live sketch, the only cure…is Jack In The Box tacos.

Heaven at 2AM. Don’t judge me.

At any rate, I had finished ordering and rolled up to the window. As I paid for my meal, I overheard the cashier yell back and forth with the cook, over whose order was whose. She ended their exchange with “Si, los tacos? Son para ella.” Roughly translated, that means “Yes, the tacos? They’re for her.”

It made my tacos taste that much better. Well, that and the Sriracha at home. 😉