My experience with permanent hair removal (so far)

One of the realities of hormone replacement therapy is that, try as they might, estrogen will not completely curb facial hair growth. So, I’m left with figuring out if I want to continue shaving for the rest of my life (that would be a “no”), or opting for permanent hair removal.

After weighing the pros & cons, I’ve opted for BOTH laser hair removal and electrolysis. Ok, you’re probably asking “Wait, what? Why not just one?”

  • Laser hair removal is great for eliminating dark hair. but it does nothing for gray hair (of which I have quite a bit of).
  • Laser hair removal is much cheaper than electrolysis, and faster.

My strategy goes something like this: get the dark hair with laser hair removal, then go back and eliminate the grey hair with electrolysis.

Now, while I did say that laser hair removal is cheaper, it is not cheap. A package of 8 sessions (set 4 weeks apart for maximum effectiveness), with 2 “maintenance” sessions, set me back a cool $1500. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

Each session is gradually less painful and faster than the previous session. That said, there is still some discomfort. I mean, you’re still being zapped by a laser…to the face.

The great thing is that, between the hormones and laser hair removal, I am noticing a big difference in my facial hair. It comes in softer, and there are patches where it grows in even less (if at all). With each session, I’ll notice the patchiness continue until my dark facial hair stops growing altogether.

Once I start seeing more results, I’ll see about costs for electrolysis. For now, though, I’m putting my faith in laser hair removal to help with my transition…however gradual and costly.