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The First Week (Back To Work)

It’s Friday afternoon. By the time you read this, I will have completed my first week back at work. So, “how did it go”, you may be asking.

In a word? Wonderfully.

After a restless Sunday night’s sleep, I woke up at 5:30AM Monday morning. The butterflies were already buzzing in my stomach. I was able to pinpoint exactly when I last felt like this: as a kid when I came back from summer vacation. Not only would I see my peers again, they would get to see me…and how much I’ve changed.

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coming-out-at-work, transgender

Coming Out At Work: A New Feature

Hi friends.

I have taken a big step today towards living full-time as my authentic self: I told my boss about my transition.

The conversation was a quick one, and it went smoothly. I’m not sure what the next steps are (to be honest, I don’t think he or the company know either) but I’m glad to get such a huge weight off my shoulders.

To that, I’ll be documenting this part of my journey in a new feature on my blog called “Coming Out At Work“. I’ll be writing about my thoughts & experiences as I begin to transition in the workplace. If nothing else, it will give people a barometer on how they can navigate their transition as well.

Stay tuned…